Self-doubt-lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities.

Has there ever been a time when things are going good? Not perfect but at least on track .

So you find yourself relaxed and almost able to exhale and then one minor thing happens an you doubt EVERYTHING? like maybe because u were so positive things went wrong or maybe if you could have went about it in a different way it wouldn’t have happened I wonder if that’s a form of anxiety 🤔or maybe insecurity.

It may be easier said then done but is the reason we are hard on ourselves and expect so much out of ourselves because we know we should be doing better then what we are? Is there a such thing as TOO MOTIVATED 🤔 ..I fill myself with self -doubt but always have a positive outcome because I think of all the positives that came out of my doubts’s a fear of failing that motivates my drive now when it used to be I’m doing this because nobody believed in I guess u can say I’m doing it for me now .

I guess what I’m trying to say is self-doubt is normal it all depends on how you handle won’t be easy you are not alone but it can definitely have a positive outcome

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How to make school “MYTHING”

I need assistance on how to be more intrigued as I say with school …I am looking into going back to college for my associates in applied science and addictions counseling.

I love to learn about psychology I love helping people I work with psych patients and addicts currently and want to further my education but school has never really been “my thing” I’m more of a learn as I go hands on type of learner but I really need to attend college and stick to my dream …

What are some tips you can give me to keep me motivated and focused on my goal of finishing college ? What are some things you do to keep you going?

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Is there a such thing as good anxiety?

Like is there a time when you were so happy or something was about to happen you kind of panic and get overwhelmed?

I have all types of anxiety good bad in between and let me tell you it’s so unexpected sometimes I have to sit and think of why I’m even anxious or what happened that I became overwhelmed

Stores like Marshall’s ,Ross ,and the mall give me anxiety if I’m in there to long idk why because I love those stores but how can I overcome it or learn how to control it?

Am I the only one who gets like this? Start to over heat ,get dizzy,hot flashes,dry mouth to the point I feel I’m suffocating..I’ll be the first to admit that when I’m angry and have to hold something in my anxiety triggers but how are some ways I can cope ?

Until next time☮️

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I often struggle with insecurities it’s not that I harp on them but occasionally I have moments where I doubt if I’m beautiful or if I’m strong enough to become the person I want to be.

a year ago I came out of a 12 year relationship that broke me mentally n now that I’m with someone new I struggle with if I’m beautiful enough ,if I’m doing everything to be the best person I can be and although he tells me I’m perfect and have no worries I can’t help but to think if can do more he is an amazing man and has helped me grow tremendously ,showing new things motivating me to keep going an follow my dreams such as dressing up more how I want to, signing up for school,taking a mental break from being so Independent I didn’t want any help because I was so used to everything being on my shoulders,he loves me and my child unconditionally,and I as well I appreciate him and couldn’t be happier but I just want to be a better me for him

Struggling mentally with myself comes with it’s good and bad moments some days I feel like I’m the most beautiful woman then there’s times I feel like I need make up and a six pack🤷🏽‍♀️I love my personality which has always been a plus but I just want some advice on how to ignore my insecurities and just stay positive….I know it’s a process and I am willing to receive the advice ….until next time☮️


As I lay here with a list of a million things to do I somehow think of a way to put them all off..but why!!…why can’t I be one of the people who have a daily routine ?!..I can make a list,I can remember majority of what I need to do, I even say it in my head ,but it’s jus sumthin about those words “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll do it tomorrow “ that keeps me going all the way u til the last minute when I’m rushing to get it done but I feel okay as long as it gets done🤷🏽‍♀️…idk I’ve tried different techniques such as when you see it just do it, set reminders on my phone, sticky notes, having my boyfriend remind me only for me to say I know and never start…😩 it gets frustrating I wanna be a just do it kind of person (if that’s a thing) 🤔 well until next time ☮️❤️


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I don’t feel like I’m where I want or need to be in life BUT I can say I’m learning not to doubt myself as mindset isn’t as negative as it once was and I know things with me just take a little longer to happen unlike others and I think I am officially okay with that…I mean yes I do have times when I wish I could get things as easy as others but once I accomplish what needs to be done I’m always so satisfied…like beginning this blog for instance 🤔hmm maybe the next blog should be about my procrastination?! ….until next time ✌🏾☮️ #blogging #venting #growth #motivation


It’s so hard for me to contain my true emotions to the people I respect the most. Like I will literally cry and drive myself crazy because I’m worried that what I say will drive people away I distance myself but at the same time I just want that love that my other siblings have ….blah. My life #blogging #mentalstability #venting

Who am I?

It’s an easy question for some but I’ll start off with the basics My name is shyy this is all new for me so kinda bare with me lOl but I’m 29 I love writing,music,dancing,expressing myself and being an outlet for others to confide in ,and I wanna become a psychologist for mental health (I know your thinking kinda late start huh lOl but yea that’s my issue I’ve been in the nursing for over 10 years but just always felt my dream was bigger then that…I guess my problem is I’ve always been fine with settling as long as those around me are doing well but now I wanna do well for myself and I jus don’t know where to start. Idk maybe you all can give me advice on where to start….☮️💜#blogging #advice