Building my brand

I want to create an outreach for people who have anxiety an depression maybe even middle child syndrome…I want people to b able to contact me an reach out to me and just be able to vent have someone to listen to young and old I need help building my brand but I do not know how to begin I have the name I know what I want to do but I don’t know how to exactly start …is their anyone that understands what I’m trying to do and can point me in the direction of how to build this idea I believe it will help many people who just need that outlet



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New beginnings

I recently went through the hardest break up of my life I mean I left a 12 yr relationship without a thought but this year an a half relationship broke my heart

I went through a deep depression my anxiety was through the roof I felt alone I lost focus everything I loved I couldn’t enjoy which led to me not writing or blogging i just let everything go

But recently I regained my focus I started online therapy through a app called wyse and little by little I am finding myself I am starting completely over I have new ideas I wanna build a brand for people like me who struggle everyday with anxiety an depression I went back to work I’m taking some classes I started working out I have supportive friends and I am thankful that I got to experience the love that I did me and him are still friends but I don’t expect anything anymore so I’m okay

I just wanna hear about some experiences with break ups and how u healed if you are willing to share I’ve never went through anything like this before but I’m glad I got to find my focus again

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What’s a one sided person to a person who sees the world from both sides

Have you ever met a person who sees no wrong in what they do or feel like they don’t need to change?

Is that a person who jus doesn’t care or is that a person who needs convincing that seeing both sides are easier l. I tend to think a lot I hurt for those who are one sided because there’s so much more to things that are said and done.

Can you change that person ? I mean it does become frustrating but at what point do you stop trying to understand their side?



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Stop trying to understand me

if I want to explain something there is nothing stopping me from doing so, but don’t try to understand me

one thing I don’t do is try to understand ppl. Because sometimes u can’t sometimes that person jus needs somebody there physically no words no actions no touching no talking just there .

I don’t wanna have to explain every emotion I’m going through because I’m the type of person that doesn’t always know what’s wrong

Just be there and let me go through it an once it’s over I can kind of help you understand what happened and how I was feelings or maybe not but don’t force it

Sometimes ppl want someone there to just not feel alone because maybe they have been & you are now their escape from that…sometimes all a person needs u to do is show up not understand…if that makes sense





rainy day feelings


Something happened last weekend an it has been weighing on my mind so heavy … I wanna say something but I’m scared of the reaction ima get , I’m happy and unhappy at the same time , I feel like I’m changing idk if it’s for the better or the worse , I actually feel like I’m tired not sleepy but mentally I jus wanna be alone. I wanna not have to answer my phone , don’t have to check on anyone, I wanna be alone to do what my heart tells me to do wether it’s cry,scream, laugh, cuss, or jus lay there.

I’m in the mood for one of the rainy days where u go outside an lay on the roof of ya car an let the rain jus hit ya face as u jus relax an clear your mind

rainy days that make me think triggers my anxiety n I just want to shut down no I don’t wanna talk, no I don’t wanna go anywhere, no I don’t wanna do anything but just watever my heart tells me to do


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I was the type to say “it could never be me “

Until today I’m my own witness things I thought I had control over I no longer have control over I’m very distant stand offish and reserved I feel blocked off from the world I’m happy but I don’t feel like myself… I feel safe but I don’t feel free… there’s just some things I’ve accepted that I feel I shouldn’t but who is actually 100 percent happy. Who am I to say this isn’t how it’s supposed to go how can sumthin feel so right it’s mixed emotions about everything but this one thing an I can’t seem to shake it … I have no doubt in my mind of how it’s supposed to go I just know it isn’t goin how I pictured but it’ll get better

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Where is my ME?

Have you ever wondered?

Like who is your you

everybody has somebody I know but who is your person who is exactly like you the one you can depend on through anything. The one that soon as u call they pick up .someone who doesn’t have to ask because they can read u like a book to know they know when u jus want time to yourself ,they know when u wanna vent or jus have someone on your side they when you frustrated happy angry so they don’t take it to the heart.the one that knows when your soul is crying for something that’s not materialistic. The one who knows you have been through so much in your life u just wanna breathe . Where is your me?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done things an really didn’t want to just because I didn’t wanna hurt someone’s feelings or how many times I’ve loaned money knowing it’s for something else other than what someone said it was for . I’ve sat on the phone for hours listening to someone vent about something I can care less about but I know they need me so I’m there. I’ve completely close off an give to others without thinking , but I can’t say if I’ve honestly had someone who is my me?

That is until now🔐who is your you?




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Middle child syndrome

Do you believe it’s a thing ?

I’ve never read an article or symptoms that I didn’t relate too

I myself a middle child and always felt very much alone; I could never do right in anyone’s eyes, I was forever an issue, my mom literally considers me her wild child and I have never done anything wild or out of control the only thing I love to do is dance so I wanted to attend all the parties in school .

I have never been arrested I don’t have a record I had my son at 21 second year of college, never suspended from school grades weren’t the best at times but I passed and graduated for some reason she thought I was boy crazy like only wanted to be around boys 🤷🏽‍♀️

When in reality all the boys wanted to hang with me I was the fun one that played the boys games instead of wanting to b cute Sittin on the sideline I climbed trees had a few crushes that didn’t get anywhere but I was a regular kid 😕 I don’t see the wild in it 🤷🏽‍♀️

But one thing I want u all to know is I felt alone the entire time EVERY party EVERYTIME I played outside, everytime I wanted to go vent to my mom an she jus didn’t care ; I still till this day find myself doing any an everything for them even though they don’t deserve it just to hear a thank you AND IM 30 !!!!!!!

Middle child syndrome is definitely a thing stop thinking because some have both parents they are spoiled and don’t know struggle or middle child syndrome just because someone didn’t go through childhood the same way u did or because a person loves harder doesn’t mean they were spoon fed it could be a cry for attention oooor it could be that they enjoy loving people the way they wanted to be loved 🤷🏽‍♀️

Just because you went through better or worse u never know someone story because everyone has one.

Are you a middle child?

Do you believe in middle child syndrome?

What is your middle child experience?

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The difference

What’s the difference between not reacting because you’ve grown out of that state of mind or not reacting because your scared of what u might say ?

I’m more afraid of what I might say than anything an it’s bad because I have such a big heart so when it comes to expressing myself I learned to think of others before myself

Idek how to differentiate the two because I feel like I should b able to express myself .

Welp until next time ☮️❤️



Finding time

Have you ever had to find time not necessarily because you were busy but because you never seem to just find that time

It can b for anything like riding your bike , spending time with your significant other even your family pet or reading

It’s like you think about it and want to do it but just never get around to it for no important reason and when you think about it you had perfect opportunity

Why is that? How can it b changed?

Until next time ✌🏾☮️

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